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Chinese Ben LiAsiaFinest Ben Li

Ben LiName: Ben Li
Birth Place: New York
Education: College graduate
Favorite sports: Basketball
Occupation: Part Time Actor, Part Time Poker Player, Full time President of MadCool Network.
Favorite Movies: Infernal Affairs, Tae Guk ki, Battle Royale, Rounders, Aliens, ET, Lion King, God of Gambler, Young and Dangerous, Storm Riders, Braveheart, Green Mile, My Sassy Girl, Shawshank Redemption, Lord of the Ring Trilogy, Casino, Heat
Personal Blog: Link
IMDB Profile: Link

Ben Li was born in the slums of New York in 79. He was the only baby ever to slap the doctor back after the doctor slapped his ass. He had money on his mind at a very early age. Dealing crack as a baby on the corner, He was the reason why the term crack babies came to be. In elementary school, he started pimping girls to guys who wanted to play doctor. Girls shook in fear as he would threaten them if they only brought a $1 to him. "Mr. Washington here looks a bit lonely, Does Ben have to choke a b!tch?"

As Ben grew older, he decided that he going to embrace technology and decided to create a new online crack, now better known as AsiaFinest.com. Nowadays millions of people a month are addicted to his new crack. He is single-handedly causing procrastination worldwide as people are addicted to posting on AsiaFinest.com's forum

On the Real:
"There are people who talk the talk, and people who walk the talk. The people who walk the talk, is too busy walking to talk, while the people who talk, wants people to walk for them."

Bragging is for wannabes. I walk the talk, so no need to say much about me here. Check out my interview to learn more about me. You can also find me using my own "crack". lol Thanks for visiting my profile. Hope you have enjoy reading it. Have a good laugh at my spoof picture gallery, and be sure to check out my videos. ;)

This page was created as an April's Fool joke spoof profile.

Ben Li's Spoof Picture Gallery || Ben Li's Products || Interview with AsiaFinest || Ben Li's Videos

If you have any pictures of Ben Li, please send it to us and we'll credit you for it. Talk about Ben Li in our friendly discussion forum!

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