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Chinese Zhang ZiyiAsiaFinest Zhang Ziyi

Zhang ZiyiFirstname: Ziyi
Lastname: Zhang
AKA: Zhang , Zi yi
Nationality: Chinese
Religion: Buddhism
Astrology Asian: Monkey
Western: Aquarius
Bloodtype A
Relationship Status: Single
Height: 170cm (5ft 7inches)
Weight: 48kg (105.8lbs)
Measurement Chest: 88cm (34.6inches)
Waist: 62cm (24.4inches)
Hip: 87cm (34.3inches)
Eyes color: Black
Hair color: Black
Language: Chinese
Country: China
Currently Living In China

They call her "little Gong Li" -- and with good reason. Not only does Zhang Ziyi look like a younger, trimmed-down version of China's leading lady, but both of them were discovered by Zhang Yimou. The fifth-generation director introduced Gong Li to the world in 1988's Red Sorghum, and, 11 years later, showcased Zhang in The Road Home, in which she plays the role of a beautiful peasant girl who is in love with her teacher.

The actress, now 20, is the subject of excitable reviews for her role in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. A Beijing native, Zhang was encouraged by her economist father and kindergarten-teacher mother to enroll in a dance school. It took three years of training there before, at the age of 15, she decided she was headed in the wrong direction. "No one makes a living out of dancing," she declares. "The best you can hope for is a job at some dance hall or with a dance troupe. The training and sacrifices aren't in proportion to the returns."

Zhang Ziyi chose instead to go into the China Central Drama Academy. But her future in the movies already seems made. Even before Crouching Tiger was released, she had been cast in Tsui Hark's coming production, Sword Of Zu, a remake of Warriors of Zu Mountain. As movie-goers digest her performance in Crouching Tiger, Zhang appears mature beyond her years.

As Zhang's star rises, so too have expectations from her audience and the industry. She is trying to take that in her stride. "A lot of people keep saying that my next film will be even better. But to succeed, you need a good director, a good script and a great cast. I think it would be hard to find another project that has as perfect a mix of elements as Crouching Tiger did."

She also plays a sexy villian in Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker's movie: Rush Hour 2, and stars in Memoirs Of A Geisha! So be sure to check that out!

Buy Now!Her first film was 1999's "The Road Home," directed by the renowned director Zhang Yi-mou. The film, which will be released by Sony Picture Classics in 2001, went on the garner the Jury Grand Prix Silver Bear at the 2000 edition of the Berlin Film Festival.

On June 26th, 2000, she demanded 10 million RMB for any role in comercial ads, setting an astonishing record for the industry.
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