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Denise Cheng Exclusive AsiaFinest Denise Cheng

Denise ChengI was born in Taiwan in the city of Kaohsiung. Because there was only my older brother and I, my parents always made sure our needs were met. My parents always gave me the best they could give in the way of education, piano and art lessons. I was blessed with so much love and care. When I was seven years old I began piano lessons and still continue to play the piano. By age twelve, my mother sent me away to an all-girls private Catholic school. It was much disciplined; full of regulations and rules that I had to follow and the curriculum was very demanding. I have always been a very feminine person from the time I was very young.

I always loved to play house and play dress up with my dolls. I was also sheltered and protected by my parents. I moved to the United States with my parents when I was in the ninth grade. In the beginning, I experienced culture shock to me and had a difficult time speaking and understanding the English language. But, I was very fortunate to meet some great friends who helped me with the language and culture. During my high school years, my family had to move a lot because of my father 's job. We lived in Arizona, California and Florida. Every time I made some friends, I had to leave again to move to another state and begin again to make new friends. We eventually ended up in California. In high school I took some acting classes that I enjoyed so much that I decided to major in theater arts when I went to college. Though my mother wants me to be in a business and to have a stable life, I am very much a dreamer. I figure if I don't ever try to achieve my dreams I will regret it later in life. I don't want to be an old lady sitting on my rocking chair and wonder "what if?" I began to get jobs in the modeling industry. Eventually, I graduated from Cal State University of Long Beach with a BA in theater arts. Today I continue to follow and enjoy achieving my dream…

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Be sure to check out her impressive resume and our interview with her! If you have any pictures of Denise Cheng, please send it to us and we'll credit you for it. Talk about Denise Cheng in our friendly discussion forum!

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