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Kristine Sa Exclusive AsiaFinest Kristine Sa

Kristine SaTalent: Singer / Songwriter
Musical Style: Pop
Date Of Birth: June 6, 1982
Place Of Birth: Saigon, Vietnam
Current Location: Ontario, Canada
Other Interests: Writing, poetry, acting, drawing.
Record Label: Nemesis Records
Album Title: I Never Knew
Album Producers: OmegaRed, Kingmin, Nexus-6, Steve 'Baci' LaCerra, Kim2Kim
Interesting Facts: Kristine Sa is a published poet [The Parting Year, 2000]. Kristine's sister, Tam Doan is a famous recording artist in the Vietnamese music industry. Kristine can sing in her native language of Vietnamese as well as in English. She also plays the keyboard and composes much of her own music.

Kristine Sa is electrifying. Both beautiful and deeply talented, this singer/songwriter can soothe the soul as well as excite the senses.

Combining elements of pop, electronic, dance, r&b, and her own experimental twist, Kristine Sa's music is a unique sound that defies easy classification. But no matter how her music is labeled, it is undeniably something special. Kristine stands at the forefront of an emerging Asian-American music scene. She has it all: a sweet and soulful voice, dazzling looks, undeniable stage presence, and an unshakable dedication to her art. What really sets this Toronto-based artist apart from her peers however, is that she combines these extraordinary qualities with a sincerity rarely found in young performers. With Kristine, every word comes straight from the heart and is delivered with raw passion.

The musical journey began for Kristine almost before she had learned to walk. From the start, her life has been deeply immersed in the entertainment world. Born into a musical family, Kristine began singing at the tender age of 3 and spent her early childhood watching her older sister, Tam Doan, rise to stardom as a singer in the Vietnamese community. She was initially content to sing quietly to herself and glowed with pride over her sister's accomplishments. However, Kristine's talents could not be repressed for long. In 1998 she decided to take her talents public and joined an all-girl singing group. The group unfortunately faltered after only a few months. Kristine's big break came when a friend introduced her to Nemesis Records CEO, Minh-Dam Pham, who signed her immediately. Since then, Kristine and the Nemesis team have grown together and developed an intimate chemistry, allowing them to push their music to where it is today.

Kristine and Nemesis Records plan to continue to experiment and grow. "I never want to stop trying new things" says Kristine. And that is exactly the mindset needed to help forge the new Asian sound here in America. One listen to the pop influenced 'A Dose of You' or the experimental spoken word song 'Nexusbeta/Parallel Fates', will prove that no matter where Kristine takes us next it will be an exciting and heartfelt ride. Written by Bryan Lee

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