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Takako Uehara JapaneseAsiaFinest Takako Uehara

Takako UeharaTakako Uehara
Nickname: Obaachan
Birthday: January 14, 1983
Sign: Capricorn
Birth Place: Okinawa, Japan
Height: 158cm
Weight: 40kg
Blood Type: A
Charm: Long eyelashes
Hobbies: Read comics, listen to western music, & chat w/ friends
Talent: Swimming
Fear: Ghost & spirits
Favorite Sport: Swimming & soccer
Favorite Color: Black & pink
Favorite Food: Melon, grape, mango, peach, & strawberry
Favorite Songs (by Speed): "I Remember"
Favorite Country : India
Favorite Phrase : "Gattsu Daze" Don't worry! Be happy!
Guy : Interesting, with broad shoulders, tall, strong, dark skin
Idols: Amuro Namie, Yuki (Judy & Mary)
Most treasure item : 1 dollar bill from her San Fransico trip
Bad habits : Putting her hair behind her ears
Things that want to try : Snowboarding, playing drum
Things that have to be in her bag : Wallet, lipstick and her lucky charm
If herself describe as an animal : A lama - when she visited safari, all said she looked like a lama
People : Bossy
Food : Celery, beans, cherry

After her popular JPOP group SPEED disband in March 31, 2000, she went on to continue her acting and singing career. Takako has a very sweet and gentle voice. Her first single "My first Love" hits #1 during the first week of release. Then after 8 months, she released her second solo single "Come Close To Me" , which was a very nice slow song.

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