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Zone JapaneseAsiaFinest Miwa Oshiro

From left: Mizuho, Miyu, Takayo and Maiko
Name: Takayo
Vocal & Guitar (leader)
Birthplace: Hokkaido
BD: 1985/6/13
Blood type: A
Height: 154.6cm
Hobby: Playing with Dog
Fav colour: black
Name: Maiko
Vocal & Bass
Birthplace: Hokkaido
BD: 1986/7/24
Blood type: O
Height: 154 cm
Hobby: Photography
Fav colour: Black, blue
Name: Mizuho
Vocal & Drums
Birthplace: Hokkaido
BD: 1985/12/12
Blood type: A
Height: 153.5 cm
Hobby: Chatting
Fav colour: Red
Name: Miyu
Vocal & Guitar
Birthplace: Hokkaido
BD: 1988/5/20
Blood type: B
Height: 156 cm
Hobby: Singing
Fav colour: yellow

The Japanese group ZONE was established on February 7th, 2001. There are two meaning for their name ZONE. One is "endless territory" so that they can spread the power of the new generation. The second reason why they choose ZONE was because Z is the last letter of the alphabets. Z means empty start. So their philosopy is empty starting, aiming towards the top.

Their first single was called Good Days. If you have never heard of this popular JPOP group, then you should defintely listen to some of their songs such as Secret Base and Akashi. Zone's hit single, 'Hitoshizuku', was used as the theme song for the Japanese version of Ice Age. Don't let their age fool you, these girls are talented!

Update: The group Zone has disbanded after their final performance on April 1st, 2005.

We highly recommend you get ZONE FINAL in Nihon Budokan. ZONE's final goodbye! Sad but true, the charming 4 member J-pop band offered its final united appearance with their 1 April 2005 gig at the Budokan in Tokyo. However, now all their fans can replay their spectacular FINAL in Nihon Budokan tour as many times as they like by turning on this precious collector's DVD. Featuring such favorites as GOOD DAYS , and KISS of the sun as well as their final single hit Smiling Faces & Harmonic Days among other memorable songs, this electrifying release packs all of Zone's most beloved hits.
ZONE FINAL in Nihon Budokan
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If you have any pictures of Zone, please send it to us and we'll credit you for it. Talk about Zone in our friendly discussion forum!

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