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Shin-Won Ahn
Ho Young Son
Name: Danny Ahn (Shin-Won Ahn)
Day of Birth: December 22nd, 1979
Place of Birth: Seattle, Washington, U.S.
Family:Grandmother, mother, elder sister, dog (Ddogsoonee), god members
Education: Seoul Jungdae Elementary School, Seoul American Public Elementary, Middle, High School in the 8th Army. Dankook University - Majoring in Industrial design
Height & Weight 171cm(5.9ft.), 60kg
Religion: None
Blood Type: O
Personality: Likes to look after people, and very sociable
Habits: Biting on his lips.
Jinx: I tightly tie my shoe string before going on stage.
Ideal woman: I like someone who can sympathize with me.
Favorite music: Hip-hop with strong beats/ Puff Daddy, Mase, Will Smith.
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite foods: Broiled eels.
Favorite Style: Knit wears, tidy hip hop style and love wearing accessories.
Hobbies Listening to music, skiing, drawing, composing, observing other people
Musical Goal: To pursue Disco-hip hop like what god is doing now) and to learn more about drum N. base
How I joined in god: I practiced dancing and rapping, watching TV )
Most valuable possessions: My pillow (I have kept since I was one year old), my family, god members
Motto: Study when you're studying, and enjoy when you're amusing yourself!
Name: Ho Young Son (andy)
Day of Birth: March 26th, 1980
Place of Birth: New Jersey, USA
Family: Father, mother, elder sister, god members
Education: Shin Yong-san Elementary School, Yong-gang Junior High School, Jung-kyung High School, Kyung-hee University - Majoring Post Modern Music.
Height & Weight: 177cm(5.8ft), 60kg.
Religion: None. But I pray on special occasions.
Blood Type: B
Personality: Liberal-minded. Likes to help others, not very sociable to strangers, very stubborn
Habits: Smile
Jinx: all god members to get together to cheer up our spirits.
Ideal woman: Someone with whom I can share my feelings, someone who has a sweet heart
Favorite music: Hip hop, disco, rock, R&B / Will Smith, Brian McKnight
Favorite color: Red
Favorite foods: Galbi-Jjim(Steamed short ribs), Vietnamese Noodle-soup, bread. (He likes everything except oyster.)
Favorite Style: Light-colored casuals and hip hop style, knit wear and cotton pants.
Hobbies: Playing tennis & basketball, skiing, weight-lifting.
Musical Goal: To love music and to do my best is the most important thing.
How I joined in god: I went through an audition with Danny.
Most valuable possessions: House key, my bag(CD, perfume, wallet... everything is in the bag.)
Motto: Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today

Kye Sang Yoon
Tae Woo Kim
Name: Kye Sang Yoon
Day of Birth: December 20th, 1979
Place of Birth: Seoul, Korea
Family: Grandfather, parents, older elder sister, dog (Leesuil-lee), god members
Education: Jam-sil elementary school, Jam-sil junior high school, Seoul electron industrial high school, Chung-gang industrial technical school, Kyong-hee University - Major: Post Modern music
Height & Weight: 182cm (6ft.), 62 kg
Religion: None
Blood Type: A
Personality: He is not very sociable to strangers, and his physical condition is easily influenced by environment.
Habits: Touch his nose.
Jinx: I always go to the restroom before going on the stage.
Ideal woman: Someone who is very feminine, prudent, wise and respectful
Favorite music: Rock, Hip hop, Disco / Kyung-ho Kim, Jin-young Park, Hae-chul Shin, Young-jin Ahn, Still Heart
Favorite color: Black, white, silver.
Favorite foods: All foods made by my mother.
Favorite Style: Hip-hop style, Casual suits.
Hobbies: Playing computer games, listening to music, going to the movies, repairing broken stuff.
Musical Goal: To open up a new genre by combining hip hop and rock
How I joined in god: When I took the audition, I thought it's for a rock group. But as you know, it wasn't.
Most valuable possessions: My Cellular phone (cause it was my mother's present)
Motto: Do not forget those who do love me and whom I do love.
Name: Tae Woo Kim
Day of Birth: May 12, 1981
Place of Birth: Kyungsangbuk-do, Kumi
Family: Parents, 2 elder sisters, god members
Education: Hyungkok Elementary school, Hyungkok Middle School, Ilsandong High School, Kyunghee University (majoring in Postmodern Music)
Height & Weight: 193cm(6.4ft), 80kg
Religion: Buddist
Blood Type: B
Personality: Lliberal-minded and frank, very active and sociable but also stubborn.
Habits: I keep on sniffing. .
Jinx: Before going on the stage, I always go to the restroom and we all god members to get together to cheer up our spirits.
Ideal woman: Someone who is bright, understanding, and wise and who has a sense of humor.
Favorite music: I favor all genres of music / Brian McKnight, James Ingram, Monica.
Favorite colors: Skyblue, Red
Favorite food: My mother's Hotchpotch soup
Favorite Style: Comfortable hip-hop style, overalls (sometimes pajamas) , knitwear,
Hobbies Listening to music, going to the movies, playing basketball, and dancing.
Musical Goal: Establishing my unique style in singing and pursuing traditional R&B
How I joined in god: I sent my demo tape to Jinyoung Park and took an audition in July 1998. I was the last member who joined in god.
Most valuable possessions: My friends, god albums, and my glasses
Motto: Do not live a life that you would regret. Be a helpful person to others.

Joon Hyung Park
Name: Joon Hyung Park
Day of Birth: July 20th, 1974
Place of Birth: Seoul, Korea (immigrated to America at the age of 2)
Family: Grandmother, mother, elder sister/brother, dog (Duke), god members
Education: Thomas Paine Elementary School, MC Garvin Junior Highschool, LA Quinta High School, California State University Long Beach
Height & Weight: 180 cm(6 ft.) 69-71 kg
Religion: Catholic
Blood Type: B
Personality: Frank, honest, and has a strong leadership.
Habits: When I speak, I always ended with "man".
Jinx: I pray whenever something important comes up.
Ideal woman: Someone who is honest and understanding. .
Favorite music: Rock ballads, R&B, Hip hop, Disco in 70s and 80s/ Will Smith, Ice Cube, James Ingram, Queen
Favorite color: Silver
Favorite foods: Vietnamese Noodle-soup
Favorite Style: Light-colored casuals, warm sweater, and cotton pants, casual suits
Hobbies: Surfing, Skating, Snowboarding, Bowling.
Musical Goal: To do my best is what I'm doing right now.
How I joined in god: I came to Korea for an audition in 1997, and won popularity in a beer commercial
Most valuable possessions: Pictures taken with people I love.
Motto: Be always honest and modest.
G.O.D. is one of the most popular boy band in Korea! Be sure to check out their music to see what the hype is about!

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