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Park Jung-ahPark Jung-ah
Born: February 2, 1981
Nickname: Black chicken, Casper
Talents: Singing, playing instruments
Hobbies: Outdoor sports
Favorite Food: Everything except “stamina food”
Favorite Artist: Jaurim, Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey
Lee Ji-hyunLee Ji-hyun
Born: October 12, 1983
Nickname: Ttoja
Talents: Japanese
Hobbies: Listening to music, shopping
Favorite Food: Everything except seafood
Favorite Artist: Brandy
Jo Min-ahJo Min-ah
Born: June 23, 1984
Religion: Buddhist
Talents: Playing instruments
Hobbies: Fencing
Suh In-youngSuh In-young
Born: September 3, 1984
Religion: Buddhist
Talents: Singing
Hobbies: Shopping

Jewelry's History

March: Releases first album “Discovery”
May: Participates in the recording of “Game Swiri” original soundtrack album
June: Chosen “New Artists of 2001” by KBS and SBS
July: Signs modeling contract with Kolon Co.

August: Releases second album “Again”
-Designated special publicity envoys for the Busan Asian Games
-Chosen as New Artist of the Year by KMTV

January: Cover girls for local cosmetics brand Laneige
- Signs modeling contract with New Balance
- Releases third album “Beloved”

The stellar female quartet from Korea kicked off their stunning Japan debut in 2004 and solidified their fame on the J-pop market via an energetic live performance in the land of the rising sun as well as their first Japanese LP in March 2005. Now they are ready for more chart-topping records via their Super Star release that marks their first album after their vol. 3 album Beloved that was released way back in July 2003. Lee Min Woo, a.k.a. M from the well-known Korean band Shinhwa lent them a hand for the lyrics of the principal track Super Star as a gesture of appreciation to the song's composer Park Koon-tae as he worked as producer for Shinhwa's albums in the past. As for the tune itself, it offers enchanting rock sounds with lyrics that revolve around the advantages and strengths of women – with four stunning chanteuses singing in perfect harmony can their be any doubt that Super Star will become another Super Hit for Jewelry.

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