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Lichido Liqueur ReviewAsiaFinest Lichido Liqueur Review

Lichido LiqueurProduced and bottled in Cognac, France, Lichido Liqueur is a combination of carefully aged cognac, premium vodka and the essences of lychees, guavas, and white peaches. The very finest ingredients are used in the blending process to ensure the highest quality product, allowing it to mix well with a wide range of ingredients.

Pros: When we first opened the bottle of Lichido Liqueur, we can smell the sweet scent of lychee sneaking out of the bottle. Lichido has a very unique but nice taste to it. You can taste the fruits essences, with the vodka and cognac. It was very well received by our test tasters as the bottle was finished with the quickness. It can be drank straight up, on the rocks, or mixed with other drinks. It comes in a very cool and unique bottle that will definitely standout in a display.

Cons: Lichido was a little too sweet when drank straight up by a few of our tasters, but that can be offset by mixing with other drinks, or on the rocks (with ice for the nondrinkers reading this).

Overall: At a retail price of only $22.95, we recommend getting a bottle of Lichido Liqueur. It's a great drink that will delight the tastebuds of most drinkers. Lichido Liqueur is available in 750 ml bottles and is 18% alcohol by volume. For more information, please visit http://www.lichido.com

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