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Operation Ground Hero CD ReviewAsiaFinest Operation Ground Hero CD Review

Operation Ground Hero CDIn this time of utter disbelief, sadness and fear following the attack on the World Trade Center and The Pentagon, America finds a rebirth of unity as Americans everywhere stand together against terrorism. Those directly affected by the attacks will never forget September 11, 2001 (the day of the attack). There have been countless stories of ordinary people performing extraordinary acts of heroism. Americans across the country anchor to methods of volunteerism to assist New York City and Washington DC with rebuilding and healing. This effort does not exclude Asian Americans.

The Asian American community shares the grief of the country. Not only did hundreds of Asian Americans perish in these attacks, but thousands lost friends, loved ones, neighbors and coworkers. As the focus of the country shifts from mourning to problem solving, security and unity, the Asian American community seeks to find its voice in regard to the attack. As Asian Americans, most of which were born in the United States, share the pain of the nation, a need to pay homage to the heroes and pay respect to the fallen brothers and sisters has surfaced. Asian Americans are desperately seeking a way to tell the world, "we are sad; we will unite and we are proud to be American."

Funky Little Island People Music, a production company home-based in New York City, in association with Kamikaze Records have put together this benefit album to assist the recovery effort. A substantial amount of the proceeds from the album will go to the Twin Towers Fund. The donation will be in the name of the Asian American Community

"As New Yorkers ourselves, we were proud not only how the city pulled together but how America pulled together in our saddest moment," echoed Jeff Damo, Funky Little Island People. "We wanted to pull the Asian American community together for this cause to show the world just how strong and proud Asian Americans are to be Asian and American," stated Edwin Banacia, Funky Little Island People.

The album features songs from the most recognized artists in the Asian American community, both major label and independent. It is also the first benefit album for the relief of September 11th from the Asian American community.

"The people of NYC and Washington suffered a great blow on 9/11/2001. But we survived and pull together, and what doesn't kill us will make us stronger. Now America is more united than ever. Living in NYC myself, I have contributed as much as I can to help out our fellow NYer during the tragic event. I hope everyone can help out by supporting this album and purchasing it at your local music store and major online music stores. The CD contains 16 tracks featuring both major label and independent artists. Some of the songs are touching and most are something that you can listen to over and over again." - Ben of AsiaFinest.com

Below is the tracking listing. Click on the song title to hear Real Audio clips.

Track #1: Remember The Heroes - Forté
Track #2: I Wish - Billy Crawford
Track #3: Faith, Hope and Prayer - Jocelyn Enriquez
Track #4: Our Nation In Song - Disguyz
Track #5: I Love - Noly
Track #6: Fall - Magno
Track #7: I Want To Live On - Touch
Track #8: Dream Come True (My Hero) - rb
Track #9: Your Call - 6th Day
Track #10: Stay Real - April
Track #11: I Don't Wanna Dance Alone - One Vo1ce
Track #12: America United - LOURDS
Track #13: Their Music Will Last Forever - Rogeniv, of UZ4
Track #14: So Wonderful - Devotion
Track #15: If I Can Say - Funky Little Island People
Track #16: Star-Spangled Banner - Touch

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