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Se7en and YG Family on MTV K TRLSe7en and YG Family Performance on MTV K (Korea) TRL

Se7en Gummy Big Bang  Jinusean MTVWhile most people are usually sleeping at two-thirty in the morning, there are girls already lining up on the streets of Times Square to enter MTV’s Total Request Live studio. Despite the chilly weather and (probably) their mother’s disapproval, they stand waiting… and waiting for a good six hours. So who are these diehard fans here for? Is it Michael Jackson? Justin Timberlake? David Beckham? No, no and no. It was – drum rolls please – Se7en.

The Korean popstar decided to stop by MTV to finally give his American fans a taste of what he is all about. Approximately 100 lucky audience members were able to watch him perform hit songs such as Crazy, I Know, and Come Back to Me. From his amazing dance moves to impressive vocal skills, his good looks to even just a simple greeting – he made all the girls in the audience squeal and melt with joy. Some even got the chance to hug them! Jealous? Maybe a little.

In between his performances, MTV’s SuChin Pak had the opportunity to talk to him about his world tour with the rest of the YG Family to celebrate the record label’s 10th anniversary. They also discussed his upcoming English album that is set to debut next year in the US. When a female fan asked him how it is different performing in the States and in Asia, he jokingly replied that there is no difference because the sounds of girls screaming are all the same. Wow. He even has a sense of humor. What more can girls ask for in a guy?

Also in the studio to support Se7en was the Korean hip-hop group, Jinusean. Jinu and Sean may be a bit older and married (unfortunately), but they still received a lot of love and respect from the crowd – especially the girls. Left and right, the female audience members screamed out “oppa” and “sarang hae.” Jinusean felt the love and just smiled. While on stage with Se7en, they performed together for a hot remix of Passion. For a moment, the TRL studio became the hottest club – at nine in the morning. The whole audience and the backstage crew were wilding out and shaking what their mama gave them. It was definitely some good times. It got even better when Jinusean announced that they invited two surprise guests from the YG Family to the studio. R&B singer, Gummy, belted out her tunes in a soulful hit. Big Bang, the newest hit sensation in Korea, performed La-La-La off their second single, Bigbang is VIP.

While Se7en said he felt blessed to be performing right in the middle of Times Square for MTV, Asiafinest felt blessed as well for getting the back stage pass to cover this exclusive showcase. Catch this documentary in November on MTV K. But until then, you can look out for his fourth Korean album that is set to come out at the end of October!

Review written by Norina Li of AsiaFinest.com

Se7en and YG Family on MTV K TRL's Pictures

We have pictures coverage from the event. Be sure to check them out. Press was not allowed to take videos for this event. If you have any pictures or videos from Se7en and YG Family's Performance on MTV K, please send it to us and we'll post it up.

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