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AF Featured Asian CelebritiesAsiaFinest Featured Asian Celebrities

Each of these featured Asian stars have an in depth bio as well as an extensive picture gallery! Celebrities with a * next to their name includes an exclusive interview with AsiaFinest! This list will continue to grow, so check back often! If you would like to see a certain Asian celebrity featured, let us know!

Chinese | Korean | Japanese | Vietnamese | Hmong | Filipino | Thai | Cambodian | India | Indonesian | Malaysian | Lao | Mongolian | Asian Models

Chinese Celebrities
Aaron Kwok Aaron Kwok
Ben Li Ben Li*
Byron Mann Byron Mann*
Cecilia Cheung Cecilia Cheung
Chow Yun Fat Chow Yun Fat
Gong Li Gong Li
Jay Chou Jay Chou
Jet Li Jet Li
Jin Jin*
Jolin Tsai Jolin Tsai
Kelly Hu Kelly Hu
Lee-Hom Wang Lee-Hom Wang
Leon Lai Leon Lai
Lucy Liu Lucy Liu
Steph Song Steph Song*
Twins Twins
Vivian Hsu Vivian Hsu
Zhang ZiYi Zhang ZiYi

Korean Celebrities
Baby VOX Baby VOX
G.O.D. G.O.D.
Jewelry Jewelry
Jun Ji-Hyun Jun Ji-Hyun
Hyori Lee Hyo-Ri
Park Ji Yoon Park Ji Yoon
Rain Bi Rain Bi*
Se7en Se7en
T T Tasha

Japanese Celebrities
Ayumi Ayumi Hamasaki
Eriko Imai Eriko Imai
Gackt Gackt
Hifana Hifana*
Hiroko Shimabukuro Hiroko Shimabukuro
koda kumi Koda Kumi
Mayu Kitaki Mayu Kitaki
Miwa Oshiro Miwa Oshiro
Mighty Crown Mighty Crown
Namie Amuro Namie Amuro
Takako Takako Uehara
Utada Hikaru Utada Hikaru

Vietnamese Celebrities
Asia 4 Asia4*
Kristine Sa Kristine Sa*
Maggie Q Maggie Q
Shayla Shayla*
Vy Nguyen Vy Nguyen*

Hmong Celebrities
Coming Soon!        

Filipino Celebrities

Thai Celebrities

Cambodian Celebrities
Coming Soon!        

India Celebrities
Aishwarya Rai Aishwarya Rai

Indonesian Celebrities
Anggun Anggun

Malaysian Celebrities
Siti Nurhaliza Siti Nurhaliza

Lao Celebrities
Coming Soon!        

Mongolian Celebrities
Coming Soon!        

Asian Models
Alexis Oo Alexis Oo*
Beverly Beaumont Beverly
Denise Cheng Denise Cheng*
Eydie Anne Eydie Anne*
Grace De La Rosa Grace De La Rosa*
Jenny Lin Jenny Lin*
Kaila Yu Kaila Yu*
Kimberly Fisher Kimberly Fisher*
Lina So Lina So*
Linda Tran Linda Tran*
Marie Serina Marie Serina*

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